Stepping out of your comfort zone


“The key to warriorship is not being afraid of who you are”. Chogyam Trungpa. Richard Strozzi-Heckler adds “When we are no longer afraid of who we are, we act from integrity and authenticity “. Two extremely interesting guys converging on the same issue.
This is absolutely huge with a lot of people I work with, and myself as well.

There are many, many layers of conditioning that tell us to stay hidden, to not rock the boat, to maintain the status quo, to not speak up, to put others first, to not value ourselves or our message. Since childhood we’ve made literally hundreds and hundreds of silent agreements over the years that lock us into silence. It’s this that we go up against when we endeavor to step up and activate big plans.

There’s no one holding a gun to our heads saying “stay small, shut your mouth, do what you’re told”, it’s pure conditioning. Remember, what we think we are and what we tell ourselves we are is vastly different to what we actually are. Awareness is always the first step, we are not limited, we have silently agreed at sometime that we are, we are not small, we have silently agreed to be small. It all comes down to our individual conditioning. Become aware of it and understand it’s not who we are it’s who we’ve been trained to be, and being kids when this stuff goes in, we silently agree. Much of the path is de-conditioning or unlearning this learned helplessness, we are so much more than our pasts, the best is yet to come.

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