Build your Journey


What Josh offers is unique, his skill set is designed to give you all the tools needed to bring about the change you’ve identified as necessary in your life. Each modality can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with one or more others. An example could be weight loss, in this case the predominant modality would be Personal Training, incorporating exercise and nutritional strategies. Two or three Life Coaching sessions could be used as an add on to to identify better time management and reverse unhealthy body image issues. Some meditation sessions may lower stress symptoms. Each modality complements the others and can be phased in and out of a given program as needed.

If you’re after weight loss and general fitness goals then Personal Training may be for you. If you have a very specific athletic out come like an adventure race or need to get fight fit for a match then you need Strength and Conditioning.

Life Coaching is a fantastic tool that can create clarity around goal setting, assist in personal and business re-invention,  establish priority’s and time lines, identify potential obstacles, strengthen weaknesses and build momentum in positive directions.

Hypnotherapy is step deeper from Life Coaching, here we work on limiting self beliefs, un-lock energy that has been misused in negative feed-back loops, look at how we actually relate to and describe ourselves, Hypnotherapy is a phenomenal tool.

Yoga here refers to spiritual discipline ie: working diligently through levels of consciousness to ultimately effect a breakthrough or awakening into a wider more complete awareness of reality.

Meditation is the ultimate self development tool, if practiced correctly it will produce positive effects on body and mind that are far out of proportion to the time spent practicing it, all the worlds top performers have some kind of meditation practice.