Josh 2
I am an adventurer, at every level, life to me is about going
on quests. That has looked differently at different times of
my life but that is me in a nutshell.
That approach to life started very young and has kept me
engaged and inspired through all the trials and tribulations
life has brought me. The mind-set that goes with this
lifestyle continues to give me the most incredible
experiences of body, mind and heart that I could ever wish
From learning how to safely exit a plane at 16000 feet to
sitting down on the first day of a Vipassana silent
meditation retreat the approach is always about going on a
journey of some kind. Knowing I’ll face uncertainty and trials go’s with the territory and these are an accepted part of the adventure and ones that bring the most growth. Joining the Army and then later becoming a Monk for three years were incredibly rich and rewarding experiences and ones that were facilitated by cultivating an adventurous spirit. Time after time I’ve pushed myself to live my dreams
and as they say in Zen “get to the marrow of life”.
My profound fascination with the body and mind has not dimmed and in fact continues to gather momentum as the years go by. I love nothing more than challenging my skills in arduous environments and as a Coach I am very much a proponent of walking the talk. As such I am active in Mountaineering, paragliding, rock climbing, ultra-running, skydiving and hunting, am a course instructor for NZ Life coaching, run Mindfulness courses around the country and give seminars and speak on a variety of topics related to the body and mind.
I am extremely fortunate to share my life with my incredible partner who inspires me every day with her vision, wisdom and insight and challenges me to always believe in myself and keep moving forward. We are very lucky to have a wonderful young daughter to grow with and we all look forward to many adventures to come.

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