Josh 2
Josh has had a somewhat unique journey, one that has taken him through a long series of experiences and realisations that are now being recognised as having extremely high value in today’s rapidly changing world.
To begin with Josh was drawn to the military, joining the reserves at 16 and later the regular force. Josh was exposed to the time honoured military qualities of discipline, teamwork, persistence and determination. As the years went by these qualities were deepened as different roles meant a constant refinement of mind-set. The result was an unshakable self-belief and the realisation that any kind of limitation is largely self-imposed.
One of the ways the military and in particular the Infantry increase resilience is through controlling how much sleep and food the soldiers get. Time and again as training went on Josh experienced a number of altered states of consciousness through the classic spiritual methods of sleep and food deprivation. Instead of feeling wrecked after an all-night forced march carrying full equipment there was euphoria, instead of numbness after 2 or 3 nights without sleep there was a deepening in clarity of the senses. During a malfunction on a night parachuting exercise time slowed to a crawl, fear never appeared and the solutions were clear and easily achieved.
As these experiences began to accumulate questions began to dawn as to the nature of the body and mind and the connection between the two. These were put aside for the time being as the military is generally not the place to explore consciousness and transcendent states. Never the less, these peak experiences were compelling and set the stage for the next phase of Josh’s life.
After leaving the military Josh took some time off before stepping full time into another immersive lifestyle; this time as a renunciate Yogi. The first year was spent with a Bhakti yoga community to get the heart opening and decompress from the army. A huge sense of homecoming was felt at this time and Mantra work began shaping and directing consciousness. The second year Josh began Jnana Yoga which then led to his first Vipassana experience. This stripped back approach to meditation produced a profound realisation into the truths contained in the scriptural study of Jnana Yoga and gave Josh a huge injection of faith in the method.
The third year brought Kriya Yoga into focus and Josh went through several initiations in India, intense practice sowed further seeds for future awakening. After being declared ready to be in the presence of a master Josh was sent to sit with Sai Baba. The first darshan with Sai Baba was the end of the quest, all the answers were experienced with such force and totality the questioning mind was removed and the truth was faced.
Since this time Josh has worked with many people from all walks of life and added a range of skills and qualifications to extend the reach of his work, Personal Trainer, Outdoor Instructor, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Strength and conditioning Coach, Course Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Speaker.
Having had such a long experience of how we can take ownership of our wellbeing and create any number of positive changes Josh is now profoundly motivated to address the incredible rise in lifestyle related diseases. It is a staggering modern reality that over 70% of deaths are directly related to poor diet and lack of exercise. This is an area we have almost complete control of , so much misery can be avoided if there is an understanding of how to eat and how to move.From the military to the ashrams of India, from studying and practicing Life-Coaching and Hypnotherapy and facilitating seminars and workshops Josh has a wealth of experience in mental training. With the phenomenal increase in mental health issues in recent years Josh brings a range of proven methods and principles that assist in cultivating positive self-regard and regaining that all important inner wellbeing.
Having gone deeply into life himself Josh truly believes health is wealth and is committed to providing groups and individuals with the best tools that help us understand the critical importance of taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing, being true to ourselves and awakening to everything life can offer us.


“We “won” Josh through a Radio competition, training hard with Josh for 3 months we both lost over 20 kg’s which then resulted in finally conceiving our first child, we really can’t thank Josh enough!”
Tarryn and David
“I worked with Josh in preparation for an Antarctic climbing Expedition that included sled hauling and long daylight hours of mountaineering in extreme conditions. I happily achieved this long term goal thanks to Joshs meticulous training.”
“Josh’s expertise in LifeCoaching helped me create mental stratagies to guide me through my usual sticking points that make me overthink, procrastinate and worry, it made working toward a goal the opposite of what it usually is!”


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