Josh 2
I am specialist Resilience Coach and I work with individuals, groups
and organisations to improve their resilience and create better
outcomes in their personal and professional lives.
I served in the NZ Army where I specialised in Reconnaissance and
Surveillance. Working in small 4 man teams gathering intelligence
in isolated and demanding environments were foundational
experiences in the development of the resilience models I use
On leaving the military I lived as a monk for three years fully
immersing myself in meditation, yoga and deepening my
understanding of the mind and how our perceptions shape our
After the ashrams of India I have travelled the world studying and
learning from the very best in a diverse range of physical and
mental training methodologies to complement my initial
I am extremely passionate about what I do; cultivating resilience at
a lifestyle level has allowed me to experience many successes and
breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. Coaching and
presenting these ideas and methodologies to my clients has helped
them to, among many other things, move away from victimhood,
relate positively to themselves, step into higher positions at work,
face long term challenge well, develop confidence, start businesses,
achieve high level goals in athletics and fitness and relate positively
to others.
I spend my time with my wonderful partner and daughter,
challenge myself constantly with very hard physical training and
refine my resilience mind-set with skydiving, mountaineering, rock
climbing and mountain biking.
I believe life is best when it being lived.
“There is a huge difference between knowing the path and walking
the path”. Buddha

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