Staying Motivated


Motivation, inspiration, intention, all fantastic energy sources to achieve goals and outcomes. They do however wax and wane, just like any other energy our motivation is in a state of movement , it can be compared to the waves on the surface of the sea. There’s absolutely no need to feel down when motivation seems to weaken, what we need to develop is access to deeper levels, we need to go beneath the fluctuating waves at the surface. Sitting down with pen and paper and going into what we’re actually here for, attaching ourselves to some mission that is greater than just us is hugely fortifying.

Finding meaningful work is highly protective against things like depression. Aligning ourselves with a purpose is powerful and gives an almost endless supply of motivation. There are some amazing people doing similar things out there, we align with them, we boost our inspiration by connecting with them. Look for the deeper currents today, relax into them, they move slower, give a longer lasting energy, make us feel strong and capable, give the ability to see further, to do more. Being on the surface is taxing and rough, down deeper we have more control, we go at our own pace, we have time to enjoy the day, its quieter.

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