Resilience is a way of relating creatively to adversity, of not losing
sight of our own strengths and having an ability to filter our
experiences to maintain momentum through challenging times.
The meanings we give to an experience make it what it is. We have
complete control over our perceptions and how to shape our
experiences. Resilience comes from this understanding.
Resilience is a way to embrace intensity and challenge on your
terms, to awaken your own power to actively choose better
outcomes. This trained ability to creatively close with our
challenges, pain and set-backs is incredibly empowering, it can
literally be life-changing.

How can Resilience Training help?
 Awareness of the power of deliberate choice
 Become the author of our lives
 Increased self-confidence and self-belief
 Self-improvement and transformation
 Activation of potential
 Mental and emotional dexterity
 Go after long term, high level goals and stay the course
 Take strategic risks
 Relate optimistically to challenge and adversity
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