Resilience Coaching is bringing an Individual or group to an
understanding that they have more options at a mental and
emotional level than they may be currently able to see.
It is a re-arranging of perceptions and assumptions to allow space
for the kind of qualities that most accurately fit the situation to be
identified and implemented.
It is a close analysis of how the triad of limitation, fear, doubt and
dis-belief are playing out in a person’s life and how to turn those
effects around and begin to go after those high value goals and
It is taking ownership of our own wellbeing and creating a set of
personalised tools and strategies that get us back on our feet and
moving forward.
Lastly it’s taking what we’ve learned through the coaching process
and centralising Resilience practices in our lives to better face the
inevitable challenges life presents us with.
There are five Steps:

1: Perception and Acceptance
Learning to look at situations or issues differently gives us more
options. We look at the kind of qualities that build Resilience.
Accepting our part in the situation, what we can and cannot
2: Responsibility and Strategy
Taking responsibility for the outcomes and choices in our lives.
Developing and discussing specific, personalised strategies and
Resilience practices.
3: Build/Take Action
Here we gather all the information together and create the
personalised Resilience Plan. We then act from the plan and begin
building Resilience.
4: Implementation and Movement
We go forward with our new practices, making changes if necessary
and gathering feedback.
5: Going Forward
This last session illustrates how what we’ve just learned through
the coaching relationship can be repurposed to help in any area of
life. Understanding the multi-purpose utility of the Resilience
Coaching framework.