Josh is a lifelong athlete and extremely passionate about working with committed individuals and groups to achieve their health and fitness goals. Josh has 12 years of experience and is a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, yoga teacher and olympic weight lifting coach.

He has successfully trained many people across all walks of life to attain their fitness and lifestyle goals.


As a former soldier and monk, Josh has developed and used different mental tools and mindsets to produce success in his and those he works with. Josh understands that the mind is our most precious resource and as such, has trained and assisted many hundreds of people to their own realisations around self belief, self value, mental mastery, leadership and mindfulness. Josh is a qualified master coach and uses hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming to great effect.

*When these two above approaches are combined and customised, the effects can be dramatic. A body and mind operating at an optimal level could be described as life at it’s best. Please get in touch for more details about creating your ultimate lifestyle plan.