“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the course, which was well structured and presented. Josh has so much valuable knowledge and experience to share and he is an amazing communicator. I felt encouraged and motivated to take action on any projects/initiatives where these new skills can be passed on to others. Thank you :-)”

– Beate

“I worked with Josh in preparation for an Antarctic climbing Expedition that included sled hauling and long daylight hours of mountaineering in extreme conditions. I happily achieved this long term goal thanks to Joshs meticulous training.”

– Pete

“The new knowledge is going to help me both personally and professionally, I know this will offer the possibility for new growth and achievement, not only for myself, but my clients also.
I’m so grateful to have been a part of the experience, thanks so much.”

– Aimee

Amazing his life experiences are epic presented in a positive uplifting authentic way informative current with a vast well of knowledge of different worlds. It really helped my alternative and scientific brain to connect… he is able to switch levels easily and is a great motivational speaker.
It was not how I expected the course to be, however it was so much better… practical along with the theory to back it up with a workable program to teach others. Powerful stuff – thank you Josh!

– Deborah

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