In collaboration with the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy and the NZ School of Lifecoaching

This a two day Certified Mindfulness Coach course.

It is based on what I learned during my time as renunciate
Yogi/monk in combination the kind of mind-sets I used in the
Day 1 one is an introduction to basic mindfulness practices along
with breath-work.
Day 2 is an introduction to Applied Mindfulness. Now that we are
cultivating self-awareness where can we take it and how use
directed thinking to overwrite obsolete behaviours and beliefs.

The next 2 day weekend course will be running in Auckland Saturday 30 October – Sunday 1 November.

For more information, contact Josh at 0210688911 or info@joshroche.com, or contact the NZ School of Hypnotherapy at 
0800 POTENTIAL | 0800 768368 
020 413 05645

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