I am an experienced seminar facilitator and have run multi-day
courses on Leadership and Mindfulness nationwide for a number of
years and am also a course facilitator for NZ Life coaching teaching
their 5 day Breakthrough Life coaching course.
As resilience has helped me so much to achieve big goals and has
helped so many of my clients I am very passionate about bringing
these ideas and methods to a group setting.

Facilitation and Resilience

Drawing on my experiences in the military and as a monk I employ
strategies from these worlds that best describe how to centralise
Resilience at mind-set level.
I incorporate Mindfulness practices to give us the critical self –
awareness we need to introduce different perspectives and
develop solutions. I incorporate exercises that give groups extreme
clarity on how they relate to adversity and how to overhaul these
limiting self-beliefs.
Seminars always include theory and application side by side so we
leave with actual experiences of how these practices feel and how
to make them our own going forward.

Benefits of Resilience Facilitation:

 An awakening to the reality of there always being more
options available to us.
 A renewed willingness to engage in life, with all its ups and
 Self-empowerment

 How to make good choices based on our values and passions
 A trained ability to take a hold of our careers and be our very
 An understanding of how self-care underwrites long term high

To find out more about how Resilience Training can help you
team please get in touch via the contact page here

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