What is resilience and why is it important? In this blog I will go into these two questions and build a picture of how much of life becomes a serious challenge without some kind of an understanding of resilience and how it translates into self-belief and self-confidence. When challenge presents itself in our lives much… Continue Reading

The Story

What’s your story, what is it you’re telling yourself, what are the dominant thoughts? Where do you default to when not focusing on a task. What is the central theme of your thinking, struggle, ease, lack, abundance, failure, success, joy. Whatever it is will become your experience. Describe the most enjoyable and adventurous story to… Continue Reading

Stepping out of your comfort zone

  “The key to warriorship is not being afraid of who you are”. Chogyam Trungpa. Richard Strozzi-Heckler adds “When we are no longer afraid of who we are, we act from integrity and authenticity “. Two extremely interesting guys converging on the same issue. This is absolutely huge with a lot of people I work… Continue Reading

Staying Motivated

  Motivation, inspiration, intention, all fantastic energy sources to achieve goals and outcomes. They do however wax and wane, just like any other energy our motivation is in a state of movement , it can be compared to the waves on the surface of the sea. There’s absolutely no need to feel down when motivation… Continue Reading

Brain states 101

  Negative emotions like anger, fear, blame, anxiety, guilt, depression, regret, stress and shame shut down the brain regions that handle rational thinking. Decision making, memory, creative thinking, problem solving, positive perception, they all go offline while we’re in negative states. In fact blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex, the thinking brain, is reduced by… Continue Reading